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Kitka Brings ‚Powerful Women’s Voices, Joined Together‘ From East To Western

Kitka Brings ‚Powerful Women’s Voices, Joined Together‘ From East To Western

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The Oakland ensemble Kitka has sung intricate harmonies from Eastern Europe for four decades. People Shira Cion and Kelly Atkins speak about the team’s brand brand new record album, Evening Star.


The daylight is dwindling away. The solstice arrives on Friday. Therefore why don’t we pay attention to some warming songs from Eastern Europe that celebrate the summer season upon us.


KITKA LADIES‘ VOCAL ENSEMBLE: (Performing in Bulgarian).

GARCIA-NAVARRO: The record record record album „star“ features harmonies unique to Balkan, Slavic and Caucasian lands evening. But here is the twist – they may be offered up by Kitka, a vocal ensemble of several years standing located in the san francisco bay area Bay region. Shira Cion may be the team’s creative manager. She joins us from the studios of KQED. Welcome.

SHIRA CION: so excellent to be right here, Lulu. Many thanks.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: additionally with us is Kelly Atkins. She actually is another Kitkat – i believe that is what you call yourselves, appropriate?

KELLY ATKINS: It’s, yes. Hi.

GARCIA-NAVARRO: Hi. Shira, i will focus on you. (mehr …)