Answering this real question is also the opportunity to help you show the maturity and perseverance you’ll want to square up to the challenges of college.

What Do They Wish To Know?


The obvious question this prompt raises is exactly what your values are and whether you are willing to remain true for just what you imagine. Whether you’ve reconsidered your own beliefs or asked others to reconsider theirs, it shows you’ve put thought that is genuine that which you value and exactly why.

However, colleges would also like to see that you are open-minded and able to be fair and kind towards those who have different beliefs than you do. Are you able to question someone else beliefs without belittling them? If not, don’t write on this question.

What sort of Topics Might Work?

This prompt is really one where either you have a story that is relevant that you don’t. If there’s a belief or indisputable fact that’s particularly crucial that you you, whether political or personal, this might be a question that is good you to address.

The pitfall that is main this question is that lends itself to very abstract answers. It isn’t very interesting to learn regarding how you used to trust chocolate could be the ice cream flavor that is best but then you changed your thoughts and decided the very best flavor is obviously strawberry. (Seriously, though, what exactly is wrong with you!?) Make sure there is clear conflict and action in your essay. (mehr …)